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    Allied Construction & Remodeling LLC.

    Promotional Offers and Discounts

    Allied Construction

    Allied Construction & Remodeling LLC. in Lodi, NJ makes it a point to keep its prices highly competitive. We launch discount offers, promotions and coupons to new as well as existing clients to make our services even more affordable. Check out our current offers.

    $500 off any complete new roof over $5,000
    $750 off any job over $10,000
    10% off any job under $1,500
    $150 off any roofing repair over $1,000
    $250 off any job $2,500 or more
    10% off for any veteran or senior citizen under $2,500
    $1,000 off any job over $15,000
    5% off for any job for any veteran or senior citizen