Roof Repairs are always needed whether you need a small residential roof repair. Or chimney repair, a flat roof repair, or a large commercial roof repair.  We can help solve your roofing issue today!

Is your roof over ten years old, or are you unsure of its age? Have you just moved into a new residence? Are you unsure of the quality of the work done by another contractor? Do you suspect a water leak or other anomaly concerning your cover?

Our roof repair service allows you to extend the life of your roof by repairing defects in your roof and eliminating the need to replace it.

A professional will come to your home by appointment and inspect all the components of your roof in order to give you an accurate picture of the situation.

Emergency Roof Repair

Have you lost shingles due to strong winds? Have you noticed water infiltration from the cover? Has your warranty expired, or the roofer you have dealt with refuses to honor its warranty?


Problems requiring emergency intervention on the roof

Here are some situations that require emergency intervention on a roof:

  • Your roof is leaking and you have noticed that water infiltration is invading your ceilings
  • or running on your walls;
  • Your ceilings have brown stains of condensation or mold;
  • You have noticed a sharp rise in the humidity level in your home;
  • Shingles are missing, bending, cracking or really deteriorated;
  • Your flashings appear to have deteriorated;
  • The caulking around the roof equipment is worn or coming off;
  • Ice collects near the edges of your roof.

These are signs that indicate that a roofer must intervene urgently on your roof.


Asphalt shingle roof emergency

If your residential or commercial asphalt shingle roof has deteriorated to the point of causing water infiltration, or the shingles come off or are broken, we can replace them in the problematic areas.

Our inspection will tell us if the entire roof should be replaced.

If the caulking joints around appliances on the roof and around the chimney or skylight are damaged, we will seal them properly to prevent water infiltration.


Emergency on elastomeric membrane roof

For an emergency concerning an elastomeric membrane roof, we can check:

  • The condition of the membrane
  • Transverse overlaps
  • The condition of drains, flashings and vents
  • The junctions of the walls with the roof


We will identify the causes of water infiltration and can repair tears, perforations or poorly welded joints. Note that small folds in the membrane are normal.

However, blisters, delamination, severe wrinkling, fishmouths or cracks in the membrane and sealant require repair. The lack of granules is not a major problem.

During our emergency intervention on a roof, we carry out a rigorous inspection to determine the extent of the damage.

Our team of roofers then performs all the repairs necessary for a healthy roof.

We replace all damaged materials efficiently and meticulously on any roof.

This helps prevent additional damage to your building or home (water damage). Putting it out of water is a necessary step to protect your property temporarily.

Then, depending on the condition of your structure, the necessary repairs will have to be carried out.

Our factory-certified installers are able to provide warrantied roof repairs in many circumstances. Many times a repair is a viable solution and a full roof replacement is not necessary.

We will give you an honest recommendation of whether or not a repair is a cost-effective solution to your roofing issues.