Roof Replacement Cost

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Roof Replacement Cost

There are several variables that roofing contractors consider when pricing a new roof. They include pitch, cost of materials, and size. This makes the price of a new roof have a different range. 

But what can one expect in terms of cost?

A 2000 s.q.ft. single- story ranch house with a new asphalt shingles roof that is fully installed has a price range of $8,500 to 16,500.

In the US, the installation cost of an architectural asphalt shingle roof per sq.ft. Ranges between $3.50 and $5.50. This price range includes removing the existing roof(1 layer), material costs, permitting fees, dumpster fees, professional installation, disposal fees, and quality warranty.

Note: The actual estimation cost will vary based on where your home is located, roof complexity, and the type of system you desire to get installed.

Different factors can affect the cost of your roof installation. This includes the type of shingles, brand, roof slope, the complexity of the job, under laying cost, and of course, the company doing the installation. For example, on average, a house in America is around 2,000 s.q.ft. Older homes are smaller with a 1500-1700 s.q ft. while newer homes range between 2,400 to 2,600 s.q ft. Despite this, the roof size varies based on the number of stories the home has, the type of roof, slope, and Architectural design complexity.

Average cost of a roof system

$7,000-$12,000- this is for a 3-Tab Asphalt Shingles

$9,000 – $15,000- Shingles of about 30years

$11,000- $20,000- 50-year old Shingles

$8,000-$14,000- EPDM Rubber

$10,000- $15,000- PVC or TPO Membrane

$14,000-$25,000- Shingles made of wood

$14,000- $25,000- Shingles made of steel

$15,000- $28,000- Shingles made of Aluminum 

$23,000 to $30,000- Standing Seam

$25,000- $50,000- Natural Slate

$20,000- $40,000- Tiles made of Concrete

$25,000-$50,000- Tiles made of Clay 

The prices mentioned above are an approximate average price nationally. Many variables may affect the final cost. Such as the location of your home, the shape of the roof, and the number of stories in a building. The complexity of your roof, the layers of shingles that are to be removed, under laying type, number of accessories used, or any guarantees or warranty a contractor offers.

Nevertheless, getting your roof replaced is expensive. It can be shocking to see the amount of money you are likely to give, but it is a good investment when the homeowner considers the kind of investment he/she will make. Many may think that having a roof under their head is basic, but it

is actually an essential need. There is no point in getting someone to repair the roof for you because he is cheap, and there is no guarantee of quality.

See the big picture

You find many homeowners making bad choices just because they don’t see the point of having an excellent roof. This may also result from a lack of basic knowledge about roofing, and they fear being ripped off.

But why is a quality roof important?

A professionally erected roof is durable and technically perfectly executed so that you do not have to worry about expensive consequential damage and repairs soon. And if something should happen, you can rest assured that the specialist is only a phone call away. 

Characteristics of a good roof

It is durable, offers required protection, efficient, adds value to your home.

Qualities of a bad roof

It has a short life span, has a high energy cost, and becomes unreliable, and it is potentially dangerous.

How to find a good roofer?

1. The roofer was recommended to you

“Do you know a good roofer?” – Most people still ask around for personal recommendations when looking to find a reliable roofer. You ask in the neighborhood, from relatives and acquaintances, who have had good experiences. When looking for a roofer, trust counts more than a low price. 

The advantage of the recommendation: You get the tip firsthand and can ask why the person was incredibly satisfied with the roofer. You will also receive a personal experience report. Customers will only recommend companies that they value and with whom they have had positive experiences. 

If a friend gives you a recommendation for a roofer, they run the risk that you are not satisfied with the business. For this reason, suggestions are usually only made if the customer is 100% happy with the provider’s services. 

2. Find a roofer nearby 

If you are planning roof work, you should ideally find a roofer nearby. Local businesses are quickly on the spot and have the advantage that travel times and costs are limited.   

When you work with a local contractor, you have the option to contact them directly with any problems or questions. The contact is closer and more personal if you come from the same region and literally speak the same language. 

3. The roofer has excellent references

References are an excellent way for you to find out if the roofer has a solution to your problem and is good at what he is doing. 

References can be testimonials from other customers and successfully completed projects, with which the roofer shows that he has the necessary skills and abilities.

It matters a lot what type of roof project the reference is. Would you like to hire a roofer for a complete roof renovation? Then you will get a better insight into the process from someone who also had one carried out than from someone who only had a small roof repair.

4. Five stars for the roofer? Evaluation on the net is important

 For roofers, too, a rating is the new word of mouth today. Check out how previous customers rate the operation of your interest online. 

If you do a Google search for a local roofer, you will see the Google My Business box on the right. Reviews from customers are published there. 

You will also be presented with lots of results from review portals. In addition to general portals for evaluating services, there are unique craft portals on which you can view roofers’ company profiles with reference galleries and evaluations. 

With the multitude of review portals on the Internet, customers can quickly lose track of things. Does the company of your choice have social media pages, e.g., on Facebook? There, too, customers can leave ratings for roofers. 

5. On-time and reliable

Successful roof renovation does not only depend on the roofer mastering his craft. He also has to be punctual and reliable. The roofer arrives drastically too late for the first appointment or lets him leave without comment? A very bad omen.

The first contact with the roofer is essential. It is a measure of how further cooperation with his work. If the roofer cannot be reached by phone or shows up late, you should reconsider your decision. It’s a sign that he’s not very reliable. 

 6. Excellent service 

In addition to technical expertise, the roofer should also focus on service quality. This includes competent advice in advance. A reputable roofer will offer you an on-site inspection and will prepare a free offer for you. In the cost estimate, the costs incurred are listed in detail and transparently so that there are no surprises for you. 

A quick reaction to your request’s initial contact and immediate processing shows that good service is essential to the roofer and that he is personally committed. If you have a burning problem under your nails, the roofer should be available to contact you as soon as possible.  

Steps of getting a good roofer

Choose your roofer Criteria.

The choice of the roofing contractor is determined by the following.

Request 3 or 4 detailed quotes

ask for references from past clients

make sure that the roofer accepts to be paid according to the progress of the work or at the end of it

choose a roofing specialist (and not a generalist)

RBQ license and permit

check that the roofer has a valid license for the duration of the work

make sure it is not the subject of complaints or claims

check that the license is not restricted


check that the roofer has professional liability insurance

notify your insurance company that you are having your roof renovated

AMCQ recommendations

your roofer must have had a place of business for at least five years, be in good standing with government agencies, and hold a valid license

Materials and working methods

find out about the roofer’s working methods, the materials used, and their warranty

ask about the manufacturer’s warranty

Characteristics of a lousy roofer

Use shortcuts to save their time at your expense and eventually don’t deliver as expected 

Use materials of low quality

Do not follow the building ethical conduct

They are always in a hurry to finish up the work

They do not have proper documentation/license

Final thought

As the owner, you are responsible for carrying out preventive maintenance in your home. Find any shingles that are damaged or missing and replace any that are in poor condition. With just a few minutes every so often, you can reduce the chances of needing a repair or having to waterproof your roof. Saving you thousands of dollars along the way.