March 11, 2021

Wooden Roofing

Wooden Roof Shingles

Wooden Shakes and Shingles.

  Wood shingles are one of the best and classic looks and finishes for residential homes. Many new homeowners are looking for a timeless look. That not only will add value to your home but also increase the classic beauty of any home.   Quality wood shakes and Shingles will transform your home and is truly give you a gorgeous yet rustic finish. Natural wood shingles like Cedar roofing or cedar shakes and shingles will make the long-term investment worth the work.  This is why a roofing contractor like Allied Construction and Roofing is who you should call today. We are available and are able to provide you beautiful and affordable shingles and roofing materials that will greatly improve the appearance of any property. Wood roofing is and has been a wonderful option for many decades shakes or shingles you can’t go wrong with the modern superior quality made available today.

   Most homeowners desire to have their homes stand out and never think of the amazing view of the roof. Shingles of superior difference will help manage costs in the long-term life of your roof. Asphalt shingles are nice and provide good value and protection when installed correctly by a licensed Roofing contractor like the team at Allied Roofing and construction.

Wood Shakes and Shingles

    Many customers and especially new homeowners wonder about the value and the cost and benefits of the natural wood roofing material.  These classic-looking shingles are not only wonderful in creating the beautiful look and curb appeal to your new home. We will also need to mention that it was the standard and popular for years and in many of our historic homes and cottages scattered throughout the country. You will see the durability and benefits of how these types of wood shakes can endure all these years. So with that said can you imagine the quality you would receive if we installed such great roofing materials on your property?  You can begin to see the durability and value of your local house slowly increase. It is also important to understand the maintenance and different grain of the roof.

Wood Shakes

Cedar Shakes or traditional wood Shakes will always provide great value and resistance to the natural wear and tear a roof will have to endure in its lifetime. The types of materials used and installed for such a project as this. Can and does make the cost of such an investment worth every penny. The professional team of Allied Construction and Roofing adheres to the highest standards of installation giving your Cedar shake roof a wonderful appearance. Also ensuring the roof has structural integrity and durability.  We are a local roofing contractor providing exceptional service while using superior materials in every project we perform. Giving you our clients the best experience and cost for such an investment as the house you live in.

A Wood Roof

The difference between wood shake shingles and other traditional asphalt shingles is not only in its appearance.  Also its resistance level to the cold and heat. How do homeowners maximize a roof’s beauty and its overall effectiveness?  First, we must take into account that a wooden Shingle roof would be made of natural organing materials. Like hardwoods, a wood shingle has amazing properties that not only can extend the functionality of your roof but the natural beauty it creates. Remember cedar roofing is hardwood which means it is wonderful in insulating your residence. It will greatly ensure that your property will stay warm in the winter. Also in proving breathability to your roof in the summer when heat and humidity are at their worst.  Helping your home to stay naturally cool in the hottest months. This is why we understand the long-term value and benefits of a cedar roof.

How Long Do wood roofs last?

Make no mistake about it cedar shake or cedar shingles when properly installed can and do provide a very durable and long-lasting finish.   A wood roof given reasonable routine maintenance with the proper care can and does usually last 30 years or more. This is why roofing contractors like our team at Allied roofing the roofing division of Allied Construction and roofing. Truly enjoy the rustic appearance of this product. We understand that shingles and shakes when properly installed will bring long-lasting value to your home. What some property owners may not know is that cedar shakes and shingles are usually the shingle of choice. Why you may ask because they are resistant to rot and insect resistant as well. When the correct installation is done this product will improve your home in many ways giving you our valued client the results you need and deserve.

Wood Shingles

We at Allied Construction & Roofing know the tremendous value of the wooden installation a wooden shingle can and does provide.  It will afford you wonderful value and maintenance for years to come. We have seen the price to value of a house be significantly impacted in a positive way after our project has been completed.  So as your trusted local residential roofing contractor. We confidently have and can install your new roof shakes or shingles. With great enthusiasm, because of the long-lasting impact, a cedar roof can have on your house.

What is the difference between wood shakes and wood shingles?

There are several differences between wood shakes and shingles. Giving you our valued client the best value per square foot. So here are the major differences a wood shake is a piece of wood that has been cut from a log into a thin rectangular shape specifically designed to be used as roofing materials. It is one of the oldest and classic forms of roofing used in Europe and the United States. Please keep in mind that in our modern times the manufacturers of wood a shake use laser measuring saws and equipment to guarantee product uniformity as best a possible. Please keep in mind that a wood shake is made of organic material in the form of different hardwoods. Meaning no two pieces are exactly alike. Now as for a wood shingle if healed in comparison to a wood shake you will see that the wooden shingle is sawn on both sides and cut in a way that makes it easier to maneuver in the roof installation process.

The value of product wood shake installation.

Now we can not stress enough this final valuable piece of information concerning wood roofing and cedar shingles. From our 20 years of experience, we have tragically seen many residential roofs need an emergency overhaul. Even though the building material was of high quality the installation of the wood roof was poorly done. This diminishes greatly the look and effectiveness and more importantly the longevity of the wood roofing system. When it comes to wooden roofs proper installation is everything. The average wood roof will last between 25 years on the low end. If properly installed and maintained they have been known to last up to 40 years. Could you imagine cedar shingles lasting so long? That would mean if properly installed and maintained your residence would need a new roof 3 or 3 times in a century. This is why the Allied Construction & Roofing company emphasizes the need for a valuable install. It will save you many costs and heartache in the end.

Natural wood and Cedar roofing

Because a cedar roof is made of organic hardwood materials. This means no shingle or shake shingles are ever exactly alike. Giving you our clients a distinct roof that will only be found in your place of residence.  It will be a highly functional and efficient roofing system that will add amazing value to your home. Giving each and every one of these amazing projects we perform a district and unique character to every property. It quickly becomes the highlight of the property and it gives its own look and style. It is like the thumbprint of your home.  Turning your property into a one-of-a-kind home